Carton Box

American Bristol Karton, Offset Printing, Cellophane, Single Point Gluing.

Deliver Time: 5 days

Minimum Production: 500 Pieces

There are no ready-made or printless products available.

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This specially designed box is ideal for carefully storing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and similar products. Produced with a side single-point gluing method, this box securely stores your products and offers a flexible solution tailored to your specific needs, with additional bottom gluing and lock options for the lid. Its aesthetically pleasing design not only protects your products but also provides a stylish presentation.


It can be produced from American Bristol, Chroma, or Kraft Paper.

Offset printing allows for applying your desired color/design, logo, and other details.

Customizable size and design

Offset printing

Cellophane coating

All printing features, like foil, varnish, embossing, windows, etc., are available (extra charges apply if required).

Gluing labor