Hand-Held Corrugated Box

Kraft Carton, Offset Printing, Single Corrugated Cardboard Lamination, Single Point Gluing.

Deliver Time: 7 days

Minimum Production: 1.000 Pieces

There are no ready-made or printless products available.

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Transporting your shipments is now more practical and convenient! The Hand-Held Corrugated Box offers a packaging solution that makes carrying easier with its strong corrugated structure and special hand-holding grips.


Offset printing allows for applying your desired color/design, logo, and other details.


Customizable size and design

Production with American Bristol Carton, Chroma, or Kraft Paper

Offset printing

Cellophane coating

All printing features, like foil, varnish, embossing, windows, etc., are available (extra charges apply if required).

Assembly and Gluing

Delivery: unfolded.