Kraft Bag

Brown Kraft Carton, Offset Printing, Gluing, Attaching Polyester Rope, Placing a Base Carton.

Deliver Time: 5 days

Minimum Production: 500 Pieces

There are no ready-made or printless products available.

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The recyclable kraft bag has a high recycling rate as it does not undergo cellophane processing.

Why Choose a Kraft Bag?

Kraft bags are not only environmentally friendly but also a stylish packaging solution. These bags safely carry your products and help present a quality and eco-conscious brand image to your customers. They are the right choice to emphasize your company’s environmental awareness and commitment to quality service!

Customizable size and design

Production with American Bristol Karton, Chroma, or Kraft Paper

Offset printing

All printing features, like foil, embossing, windows, etc., are available (extra charges apply if required).

Satin, Grosgrain Ribbon, Jute, or Cotton rope (extra charges apply if required).

Glued, with strings attached.