Uncoated Cardboard Gift Bag

Uncoated Cardboard, Offset Printing, Gluing, Applying Tape to the Top, Placing a Base Carton.

Deliver Time: 5 days

Minimum Production: 250 Pieces

There are no ready-made or printless products available.

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The recyclable Uncoated Cardboard Gift Bag stands out not only for its high-quality appearance but also for its practical features. Thanks to the double-sided tape on its opening, it securely keeps the gift inside while ensuring it remains closed until it reaches the recipient.


Offset printing allows for applying your desired color/design, logo, and other details.


Customizable size and design

First Quality Cardboard

Offset printing

All printing features, like foil, embossing, windows, etc., are available (extra charges apply if required).

Glued, with tape applied to the top.